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The Brazil Machinery Solutions Program organizes several activities in its target markets aiming at promoting the brand abroad and also serving as a business platform for the companies that are members of the BMS Program, in an effort to increase the presence of Brazilian machinery and equipment in the international market.

Design Export

The program supports Brazilian companies for the development of innovative solutions of cutting-edge design targeting exportation. Design Export offers consultancy and qualification for companies and helps them to identify innovation opportunities and choose the most appropriate design offices for each profile. The program is destined for industry associations that are currently supported by Apex-Brasil, focusing on those that are already committed with exportation projects, like ABIMAQ, for example.

International Fairs

International fairs account for the highest number of activities composing the agenda of Brazil Machinery Solutions. The Program supports and is responsible for the area and the assembly of the Brazilian Stand in international events, provided that such events are included in the schedule and have the minimum number of exhibiting companies required for the initiative. All supported fairs have the presence of a specialized consultant who accompanies the Brazilian team, thus providing the associate companies an effective and smooth experience in such events.


The Internationalization and Competitiveness Program (Inter-Com) developed by Apex-Brasil provides strategic orientation and focuses exclusively on the preparation of companies for internationalization. Supported by Fundação Dom Cabral, the Program includes classes, business simulations, corporate testimonials, management, stakeholders and services covering the variables that impact the internationalization process of companies. Over 300 executives from approximately 200 companies have already participated in the Program, which started in 2011.

Trade Missions

The initiative involves visits by businesspeople from the sector to countries that are the target markets of the Brazil Machinery Solutions Program. The purpose of the missions is to foster business and partnerships, prospect for new markets and promote the Brazilian industry or the exchange of technologies.


The Export Qualification Program (PEIEX) is an initiative of Apex-Brasil, in a partnership with consultancy, education, research and technology institutions, that organizes activities for the qualification of companies, involving professionals specialized in strategic management, sales and marketing, foreign trade, human resources, finances and costs. It aims at promoting the exportation culture in companies of micro, small or medium sizes, helping in the qualification of those that have just started exporting. PEIEX operates by means of service centers distributed all over the country, in which qualified technicians help to diagnose opportunities for improvement and organize production management and processes, as well as to promote quality and innovation and prepare the companies for overcoming the challenges of exportation.

Projeto Comprador

“Projeto Comprador” (Project Buyer), also known as International Business Round, aims at promoting the negotiation between Brazilian manufacturers of machinery and equipment and foreign buyers (distributors, representatives, importers). Most of times, such initiative takes place during the main business fairs in Brazil, what increases the chance of business contacts and deals.