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Delegation composed of 44 Brazilian companies takes innovation and technology to Colombiatex 2020

22 - January - 2020

From January 21 to 23, the city of Medellín, in Colombia, will host one of the main fairs of the textile and clothing industry in Latin America: Colombiatex. Brazil will take to the Colombian city a group of 44 Brazilian companies that are going to present in the event the latest novelties in fabrics, machinery and equipment, leather, footwear and supplies.

Brazilian manufacturers compose one of the most representative delegations in the fair. The group of companies will attend Colombiatex thanks to the support of the following international promotion programs: By Brazil Components, Machinery and Chemicals, Brazil Machinery Solutions and Texbrasil. Such programs are carried out by means of a partnership among the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), the Brazilian Association of Leather and Footwear Components and Artifact Companies (ASSINTECAL), the Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association (ABIMAQ) and the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry (Abit).

In 2019, the last participation of Brazil in Colombiatex, the 30 companies that are members of the Texbrasil program reached over USD 6.7 million in trades during the three days of the event, as well as over USD 58 million in deals expected to be made in the following year. On their turn, the 9 machinery and equipment builders that are members of BMS reached over USD 2 million, including immediate deals and those to be closed during the year.

Colombia is currently the most important business partner of Brazil in Latin America and is under a major growing process. Over 90% of Brazilian exports to Colombia are manufactured goods, especially products for vehicles, as well as iron, steel and automobile parts.

2020 – Brazilian presence

The BMS program will take to Colombia eight companies that build machinery and equipment for the textile industry. “The fair is very important to Brazilian companies. We have been working hard for years on innovation and technologies that allow us to create products, supplies, machines and equipment that focus on sustainability. That’s what consumers look for, but that’s especially what the planet needs the most”, states Patrícia Gomes, Foreign Trade CEO of ABIMAQ and Manager of the BMS Program.

In order to meet the needs of buyers from Colombia and other countries visiting Colombiatex, the Texbrasil program will take 32 textile supplies companies to the event. “Colombiatex is the perfect place for Brazilian companies to show their technology advances regarding fabrics and supplies for apparel. Since the signature of the free trade agreement between Colombia and Brazil, exportation has increased significantly, as well as the purchase of supplies in the textile industry. In such scenario of growth, this will be the largest Brazilian delegation participating in Colombiatex ”, adds Lilian Kaddissi, CEO of Texbrasil and Representative of Abit.

The exhibition for the leather, footwear and shoe supplies industry will be composed of 4 companies presenting the main trends in materials for the production of high-quality comfortable shoes that are cutting edge in terms of design and technology.

“The Brazilian leather and footwear industry is one of the most important in the world. Today we export to over 70 countries. Our companies are able to use over 3,500 different components in each collection, what makes us a very creative and innovative industry”, says Cariani de Souza, Relations Analyst of ASSINTECAL.

Participating Companies

Participating companies from the Brazil Machinery Solutions Program are: Audaces, Castilho Máquinas Têxteis, Censi Máquinas, Comelato Roncato, Delta Equipamentos, Inarmeg, Orizio and SocioTec.

In the textile industry, the participating companies from the Texbrasil Program are: Bonor Fashion Accessories, Berlan, Canatiba Denin Industry, Cataguases, Cedar Textile, CMJ Textile, Coltex, Covolan Têxtil, Delilah Textile, Draft, Ecotag Lacres, Estrela Aviamentos, Expor Manequins, Hudtelfa, Creora, J. Serrano, La Estampa Fabric & Arts, Latina Textil, Lunelli Textil, Linhas Trichë, Tecelagem Macias, Nicoletti Textil, Paramount, Paranatex Textil, Rosset, Salotex, Sancris Threads and Closures, SantaConstancia, Santana Textiles, Santanense, Santista Jeans Wear, TBM Têxtil and Vicunha Textil.

The four participating companies from ASSINTECAL are: Conexão Malhas, LCM Foils, SMS Metais and Alpargateria Cervera.


The Brazilian Machinery Builders´ Association (ABIMAQ) was established in 1937, with the purpose of acting in favor of the strengthening of the national industry, mobilizing the sector, making actions with the political and economic levels, promoting the international trade and cooperation and contributing to improve its performance in terms of technology, human resource qualification and management modernization. More information: .

About Abit

Created in 1957, the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry (Abit) is one of the most important entities among the main economic sectors in the Brazil. It represents the production force of 33 thousand companies located throughout the Brazilian territory, including companies of all sizes that together offer over 1.5 million jobs and generate an annual revenue of USD 45 billion.


The Brazilian Association of Leather and Footwear Components and Artifact Companies (Assintecal) has been working for over 35 years to expand the leather and footwear industry. The association is known for its power and ability of dialoguing with representatives from all the spheres of the Government, for the consolidation of the foreign market and for the development of research and fashion content. The entity is responsible for a sector composed of 3 thousand companies. Headquartered in Novo Hamburgo (RS), the association also has offices in São João Batista (SC), Nova Serrana (MG), Birigui (SP), Franca (SP) and Jaú (SP).

About the Brazil Machinery Solutions Program

Result of the partnership between the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) and the Brazilian Machinery Builders´ Association (ABIMAQ), the Brazil Machinery Solutions Program aims the promotion of the Brazilian exports of machines and equipment, as well as strengthening the image of Brazil as manufacturer of mechanical capital goods with technology and competition. The BMS Program currently has approximately 400 members, among industries of different sectors, such as agricultural, textile, mining, plastic, packages, among others. In 2018, the companies related to the BMS Program registered exports for 159 countries. To join the Program and for more information, access: 

About Texbrasil

The Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry Internationalization Program (Texbrasil) works with companies from the textile and apparel industry to develop strategies that lead them to business success in the global market. Over almost 20 years, it has helped around 1,500 brands to start exporting, thus generating USD 3.6 billion in trades. The Program is carried out by Abit in a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

About By Brasil Components, Machinery and Chemicals

Brazilian manufacturers from the components industry interested in expanding their business relations with the foreign market have the opportunity to participate, together with other 300 companies, in the By Brasil Components, Machinery and Chemicals project, carried out by Assintecal, Apex-Brasil and Abrameq with the purpose of promoting a good performance of exports, and consequently of the entire sector. The project offers appropriate solutions for each internationalization level, thus proving companies with initiatives related to business promotion, intelligence, qualification, and others.

About Apex-Brasil

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) acts to promote the Brazilian products and services abroad and attract foreign investments for strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. Apex-Brasil coordinates the efforts of direct foreign investment attraction for Brazil, focused on strategic sectors for the development of the competition of the Brazilian companies and of the country. To comply with these purposes, the Agency performs trade promotion actions, aiming to appreciate the Brazilian products and services abroad, with support to the participation of companies in international fairs, commercial and prospective missions, international business rounds, visits of foreign opinion leaders to know the Brazilian structure, among other forms of performance to strengthen the brand Brasil. More information .