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Agrishow 2022: Image Project promotes brazilian machinery and equipment industry to the international market

02 - May - 2022

The event, which takes place between the 25th and 29th of April and aims to launch the main trends and  innovations for agribusiness, will feature an initiative to promote exports 

The International Trade Fair of Agricultural Technology in Action – Agrishow 2022, takes place in its 27th  edition in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, between April 25th and 29th. The event, the largest in agricultural  technology in Brazil and one of the three largest in the world, is recognized for launching the main trends  and innovations for agribusiness. During its last edition in 2019, it brought together almost 160  thousand visitors from all states and more than 90 countries, having received more than 800 exhibitors in  520 thousand square meters. In addition, it has totaled R$2.9 billion in business initiated at the fair. 

As the largest agricultural machinery fair in Latin America, Agrishow brings together the main players in the  segment including the largest exporters, what makes it an ideal opportunity to learn about the  technological scope of Brazilian companies. 

It is worth noting that in 2021, Brazilian exports of agricultural machinery and equipment grew by 41% over  the previous year, reaching a volume of US$1.3 billion, the highest level since 2017. With a growth of 108%  comparing 2021 vs 2020, Paraguay was the main destination for exports, totaling US$266.6 million,  followed by Argentina, which in the period presented a volume of 161.2 million, and the United States,  which reached US$158.8 million. 

In its first on-site year after the pandemic, Agrishow 2022 brings together innovative solutions for all types  of crops and property sizes. During the fair, the public will be able to participate in the Agrishow  Experience, where lectures take place within the “Agrishow Labs” platform, a journey of strategic content  and face-to-face actions. 

According to Patrícia Gomes – Director of External Market of the Brazilian Machinery Builders Association  (ABIMAQ), this is a highly anticipated moment, especially as a result of the resumption of face-to-face  events. “Agrishow 2022 gains even more relevance for the sector due to the challenges we have had in the  last two years. The visibility that the event offers its participants – both exhibitors and the public – is  essential for the resumption of business and prospects for the export of agricultural machinery and  equipment”, she explains. 


The Image Project will take place during Agrishow 2022. Its goal is to promote and disseminate the Brazilian  machinery and equipment industry to the international market, through the visit of opinion leaders and  experts who come to Brazil to learn more about the opportunities and the local agricultural machinery and  equipment sector. The initiative is developed by the Brazil Machinery Solutions Program (BMS), with  support from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), in partnership with  ABIMAQ.

This year, Image Project welcomes journalists from South Africa, Kenya and the Netherlands. 

“Among the target markets of Image Project, South Africa stood out. Exports to the market increased by  140% in 2021 compared to the previous year, totaling US$37.1 million”, explains the Director of Foreign  Market at ABIMAQ. The most commercialized products for this destination were: Sprayers for agriculture or  horticulture (41.6%); Combined harvesters with threshers (15.4%); and Tractors with engine power  between 37KW and 75KW (5.1%). In addition, Brazilian exports from the agricultural machinery and  equipment segment to the South African market show a constant flow, having reached in 2021 the highest  volume in the historical series of the last 5 years. “In terms of South Africa, the Image Project’s objective is  to support the consolidation of Brazil’s image as a supplier of high-tech agricultural machinery and  equipment”, he concludes. 

With regards to Kenya, exports grew 15%, totaling a volume of US$2.4 million in 2021. More than 50% of  the value exported to the destination is concentrated in the highlighted product basket: Tractors with  power between 75KW and 130KW (23.9%); Ploughs (17%); Seeders-spreaders (14.7%). 

In terms of trade with the Netherlands, the 90% growth measured in 2021 resulted in the highest volume  exported in the last five years: around US$970,000, with emphasis on products classified as poultry farming  machinery and equipment (30.6%). Parts of machinery for agricultural, horticultural or forestry use, for soil  preparation or work (25.3%); and threshing machinery and equipment (23.5%). 

“Kenya and The Netherlands are key destinations for us to promote Brazil as a reference in the supply of  agricultural machinery and equipment. In view of the respective growth observed in 2021, we believe that  Brazilian exports to both markets have the potential to rise to a higher level”, concludes Patrícia.

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